20+ Movie Inspired Halloween Costumes

By Aniela / October 10, 2017

With Halloween just right around the corner, it's time to start thinking up of a costume! If you're looking for something more unique, these movie inspired Halloween costumes may be right up your alley! We've compiled over 20 of our favorite movie inspired Halloween costumes which we're sure you're going to love! These Halloween costumes are inspired by some of the most cult classic and popular movies, so there's something for everyone! We've got Halloween movie costume ideas for individuals, couples, and groups alike, so scroll down and get inspired!

20+ Movie Inspired Halloween Costumes You'll Love

#1. TJ and Spinelli From Recess

tj and spinelli from recess

#2. Dodgeball


#3. King Kong

king kong

#4. Ms. Frizzle From the Magic School Bus

ms frizzle from magic school bus

#5. The Grand Budapest Hotel

grand budapest hotel

#6. Inside Out

inside out

#7. The House From “Up”

the house from up

#8. Coraline


#9. The Birds

the birds

#10. Captain America

captain america

#11. The Peter Pan Shadow

peter pan shadow

#12. Silent Movie Costume

silent movie costume

#13. A League of Their Own

a league of their own

#14. The Hunger Games

the hunger games

#15. Arthur


#16. The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas

#17. The Lorax

the lorax

#18. Saved By The Bell

saved by the bell

#19. White Rabbit and Alice

white rabbit and alice

#20. Damian From Mean Girls

damian from mean girls

#21. Fantastic Mr. Fox

fantastic mr fox

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movie inspired halloween costumes

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