Bellbottoms Are Back

By Aniela / August 23, 2007

Hurray! Bellbottoms are back! No more skinny jeans (ok well maybe they're still in) but at least we can look forward to something else. These babies will look good on anyone no matter how tall or short you are.

Thank goodness for bellbottoms, or else skinny jeans would have destroyed us all. They're cute and all, but you have to be a 6 foot model to really look good in those and reap the benefits.

Even celebs are sporting the hottest bellbottoms around and they're loving it. They can be jeans, cargos, and even dress pants, bellbottoms are still hot. You can pair them with anything, and you can also dress them up or dress them down! bell bottoms

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16 years ago

And I couldn’t be happier.

16 years ago

I’m so relieved.It was about time u know cos i’m almost getting sick of the skinny jeans. At least this works for me unlike the skinny jeans.

16 years ago

yeay bellbottoms are back..that is good news! i love them!

16 years ago

i think its really cool to be able to try somehting new and look good in it especialy when it does flatter your figure.These babies do a lot of justice to my figure and i can’t help but love it.

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12 years ago

ya my mom has a whole bunch of bell bottoms its a good thing im her size 😀