5 Tips for Healthy, Shiny Hair

By Aniela / March 28, 2011

Looking to get gorgeous hair? Here are 5 tips for healthy, shiny hair! Great hair doesn't have to cost a fortune. You don't need to spend money on expensive high-end products, or even go to the salon every month. All it takes is a little TLC to get your hair back to its natural health and shine.

Tip #1

Preventive Care: Don't let your hair be a victim to the environment. Protect it by deep conditioning once a week or using a hair mask. This will fortify your strands, making them much healthier and easier to manage. So treat your hair to some spa time every week and within a month, you'll definitely see a difference!

Tip #2

Skip the Heat: I cannot tell you how important it is that you skip the blowdrier/straightener/curler as much as possible! On your days off where you're not leaving the house for example, why not let your hair air dry to its natural state? The more heat you put on your hair, the more you dry out the strands, leaving your hair weak, brittle, and not very healthy. If you must blowdry every day, make sure you do it at the lowest heat setting possible. Yes, it does take a little longer, but especially for those with thin hair like mine, it can make a world of difference! Also, don't forget that ceramic irons are much more gentler on your hair than non-ceramic ones, so be sure you use the best kind.

Tip #3

Don't rub! After getting out of the shower, PAT your hair dry and then wrap it in a towel. But under no circumstance should you rub your hair dry since that causes breakage which will eventually lead to split ends.

Tip #4

Brush With Care: The way you brush your hair is very crucial to its health. Never pull on it too hard – you'll end up pulling out strands! If your hair gets easily tangled, brush it slowly and with care starting at the ends and working your way up – especially if your hair is wet.

Tip #5

Skip a Day: One of the best advices I was given by my hairdresser was to not wash my hair every day. Sure, it may sound a little gross, but washing your hair every single day strips it of its natural oils, which leaves your hair dry and brittle. Instead, wash your hair every other day to retain essential oils.

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13 years ago

Hi thanks for your tips on the best hair care. I am now a great believer of getting healthy hair. I used to have terrible damaged hair. I now know where I went wrong. When your hair is wet is when you do the most damage to it. When the hair is wet it stretches and you should be careful of blow drying and straightening your hair during this time. I agree that you shouldn’t shampoo your hair everyday as this removes the natural oils. Without the oils your hair becomes dry. I use a thickening shampoo to increase hair… Read more »

13 years ago

great result (: I’m a straightener attic , but mum always says my curls are so beautfiul and I need to leave it natural, decided to give this a go, and I really love my hair(: thaanks<3

13 years ago

Nice tips! 4 the hair mask, mash 8 strwaberries wid 1 tablespoon mayo and use a spoon to grind it to a thick pulp… massage into damp hair be4 shampooing and put on a shower cap. let sit 2-5 mins ur welcome! gives it a richh glosss….

12 years ago

Sorry Dolly, but strawberries have seeds in them. Do you want them getting into your hair like sand does while you are at the beach? Don’t think so. You can substitute those with something like bananas, or cantaloupe. Plus, if you have super light blonde hair, you wouldn’t want pink tint to your hair. And for those people who don’t dare go near the mayo, you can go with plain yogurt instead.

11 years ago

I was my hair every two days but my roots get oily. I don’t know what to use anymore to prevent this.
It has also been falling out a lot in the past 3 months.
I’ve tried many products but nothing makes it better. Any tips?
I’m also trying to grow it long but it’s still just past my shoulders and it barely grows at all anymore. It’s been the same length for a while now.
Are there any home remedies that can speed up the growth of hair?

11 years ago

Is it alright to wash your hair everyday because you`re working out? I work out 3 or 4 times a week, and I don`t think just rinsing will work.