Heat-Resistant Hairstyles

By Aniela / May 31, 2010

These heat-resistant hairstyles will ensure that your do will do will last all summer long! Summer is upon us, and I don't know how hot it is where you are at, but, over here, it was a scorching 90 yesterday and needles to say the AC in my car broke. So you can only imagine how disgusting my hair got at one point..sticking to my forehead and the back of my head like it was hanging on for dear life. But, that's when I decided that maybe in this weather, my hair shouldn't be worn down at all!

Heat-Resistant Hairstyles

In fact, I decided to just use as many creative hairstyles as I could this summer in order to avoid the long, straight look…at least during the day! Once the humidity hits, it does nothing for my hair except for making it frizzy, dry, oily, and everything else in between.  So I've compiled a few summer hairstyle links together to help you beat the heat!

  1. French Braids – They look cute, they last all day, and they keep your hair our of your face!
  2. All Braids – Ok, you can obviously tell I love braids but that's because they look great on everyone, are so easy to do, and they the perfect hairstyle to wear during the hottest weather.
  3. Messy Buns– Messy buns are sooo easy to do and they work with all hair types.
  4. Tricks and Tips– Some tricks and tips on how to avoid bad hair days.
  5. Summer Proof Your Hair– Tricks to summer proof your hair…you'll want to read this!
  6. More Summer Hair Tricks– ‘Nuff said!
  7. Top Summer Dos– Beat the heat with these hairstyles!

So do you have any summer proof dos that you'd like to share?

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