How to Nourish Your Hair

By Aniela / January 30, 2008

Wanna find out how to nourish your hair? We'll show you exactly how to do it! Your hair goes through a lot of damage every single day. Whether it's blow drying, straightening, or just the everyday environmental damages such as smoke and pollution. Either way, you need to give your hair a little TLC once in a while. Here is how you can protect and nourish your hair- it deserves a vacation!

How to Nourish Your Hair

Do a Mini Head Massage

A scalp rubdown boosts blood flow to your locks. Circulation helps hair follicles get the nutrients they need to grow thick at night. Do this by gently pressing your thumbs at the base of your skull where it meets your neck, and move them in circular motion. Then spread both hands wide, and make small circles with your fingertips as you move up and along your hairline and crown.

Get Silky Hair

If your hair tends to be dry and brittle, do an intense deep-conditioning treatment. Do this by applying a good hair oil or mask onto your hair at night. Let it soak into your strands overnight, and you'll see a huge difference in the morning. Just be sure to place a towel over your pillow to protect it.

Score Super Volume

To give your roots some extra lift without causing breakage, put your mane in a ponytail using a soft scrunchie ( not an elastic, which can tear your strands and damage your hair). Sleep on it and you'll see beautiful volume in the morning.

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Suzanne Perkins
16 years ago

What about hair tools that actually put moisture back into your hair? I know it sounds like an anamoly, but I know that Remington is coming out with a hair dryer that emits a mist of avocado oils and vitamins. You can actually heal your hair as you style