The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Shelf Life and Expiration

By Aniela / May 14, 2015

This is the ultimate guide to makeup shelf life and expiration! Ladies…it's time to toss out the expired makeup! I know you keep your stuff around for waaaay longer than you should, because I do it too! But let's face it, we're not helping ourselves here. All that makeup you've been keeping for years and years? It's laden with bacteria – TONS of it! And that bacteria will cause your pores to get clogged and in turn, transform into pimples! So if you're not following the expiration guidelines for your makeup you're essentially spreading disgusting bacteria all over your face. Gross, right?

So, check out this handy expiration/shelf life guide I made, and go through your makeup bag. Remove everything that's expired and don't feel bad: now you get to buy new makeup (which is always fun) plus you won't be spreading all that bacteria on your skin. So…let's do this girl!

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Shelf Life and Expiration

makeup shelf life


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