13 Valentine Nail Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

By Aniela / January 30, 2017

These 13 Valentine nail designs you'll fall in love with are SO cute, you may want to rock them all year long! But whether you even have a Valentine or not this year, you should still consider adopting one of these gorgeously sweet designs! So whip out your reds, pinks, and whites, and let's show some love to our nails! Some of these Valentine nail designs may look a little hard to pull off, but ask a friend for help or even head to your local nail salon – they'll be more than happy to replicate any one of these looks! But if you've got a good 2 weeks left so start practicing now!

13 Valentine Nail Designs

1. Ombre Sponge Nails

valentine nail designs

2. Kissy Nailskissy nails

3. Nail Stickers and Rhinestones

nail stickers and rhinestones

4. Chocolate Box Decals

chocolate box decals

5. Cursive Design

cursive design

6. Tiny Hearts

tiny hearts

7. Love in Morse Code

love in morse code

8. Gold Plated Nail Art

gold plated nail art

9. Queen of Hearts Nails

queen of hearts

10. Binder Sticker Nails Tutorial

13 valentine nail designs

11. Love Nail Design


12. Love is Life! Nails

love lines

13. And Last But Not Least, Something for the Anti Valentiners!

for the anti valentiners

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Image Source: Buzzfeed

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