Watermelon Nails Designs You Can Replicate Now!

By Aniela / June 1, 2017

Absolutely nothing says summer more than watermelons do, and these watermelon nail designs are NO exception! Watermelon nails designs are fairly easy to replicate, but more so than that, they're the absolute perfect summer accessory. To get started on your watermelon designs, you'll need a few things! Pick up red, green, and black nail polishes, as well as a dotting tool, some decals, and even some rhinestones (for those date night watermelon nail designs!).

Watermelon Nails Designs

#1. Watermelon accent nails

These watermelon nails are unbelievably adorable! All you need is some pink nail polish, green nail polish, white and black. A steady hand doesn't hurt either, but if not, head to your local nail salon!

watermelon nails
Source: Pinterest

#2. Gradient Watermelon Nails

These shiny gradient watermelon nails are easy to replicate on your own! A light green, a pink nail polish, and black is all you need!

fruit nail design
Source: Pinterest

#3. Watermelon Rind Design

Because you can't forget that the watermelon rind is also an important part! You'll need a dark green nail polish, pink nail polish, black and white to pull off this design!

melon nails
Source: Stylesatlife

#4. Glossy Watermelon Design

No steady hand or experience needed for this watermelon nail design! Simple black dotting on top of pink nail polish and a green and white stripe is all that's needed.

#5. Matte Watermelon Design

Matte nails are big right now, so why not replicate these matte watermelon nails?

matte melon nails
Source: Pinterest

#6. Glossy Gradient Watermelon Nails

You don't need long nails to replicate this look – it will work just as well on short nails!

glossy summer nails
Source: Pinterest

#7. Pink Watermelon Design

These adorable pink watermelon nails are the perfect summer accessory! Line the outer edges with green and white to make this mani really pop!

pink nails
Source: Pinterest

#8. Rind Design

Another watermelon rind design,  this look is easy to pull off, but if you don't think you can do it, have a friend help you or show this image to your local nail salon!

fruit nail art
Source: Pinterest

#9. Watermelon Strawberry Mashup

Watermelons and strawberries go hand in hand, so why not have a nail art mashup? Use a nail brush to achieve the black dots and nail tape for the green bottom part.

watermelon nail design 9
Source: Pinterest

#10. Half Moon Watermelon Design

This fun spin on watermelon nails is a unique way to combining your love of watermelon with nail art!

watermelon nail design 10
Source: Youtube

#11. Gradient Watermelon Design

This glossy gradient nail design is perfect for summer and doesn't require much of a steady hand or an art degree!

watermelon nail design 11
Source: Pinterest

#12. Pastel Watermelon Design

Pastel nail colors are so pretty and this one especially takes the cake!

watermelon nail design 12
Source: Enfield

#13. Watermelon Rind Tips

Replicate watermelon rinds on the tips of the nails and do a rind accent nail to make this mani really pop!

watermelon nail design 13
Source: Pinterest

#14. 3D Watermelon Design

For the brave at heart, you can replicate this 3D watermelon nail design or show the image to your local nail salon.

watermelon nail design 14
Source: Enfield

#15. Polka Dot Watermelon Design

There's something very feminine about polka dots, and this polka dotted watermelon nail design is as adorable as can be!

watermelon nail design 15
Source: Enfield

#16. Classic Watermelon Design

Easy to replicate and a classic through and through, these watermelon nails will make you crave some sweet, cold watermelon immediately!

summer nails
Source: Pinterest

#17. Freestyle Watermelon Design

Your nail art doesn't always have to be perfect! Just take a look at these freestyle watermelon nails and you'll be convinced!

freestyle nail art
Source: Pinterest

#18. Glossy Watermelon Design

Don't skimp on the gloss with this watermelon design! It's all about shiny, glossy nails!

nail design
Source: Enfield

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5 years ago

ohhh I really love the freestyle one, although I don’t know if I could replicate that myself 🙁

5 years ago

Look how juice the last design looks – in love!

5 years ago

I so wish I had the artistic skills to pull some of these looks off! Love anything that’s related to watermelon, so these watermelon nail designs are to die for!!