Love This Mascara: Lise Watier 24hrs Glam

By Aniela / February 18, 2009

I can honestly say now that I've found a mascara that I simply cannot part without. I'm talking about the Lise Watier 24hrs Glam mascara which is fairly new, but very very fabulous. So why am I ranting about this mascara in particular?

Love This Mascara: Lise Watier 24hrs GlamLise Watier 24hr Glam Mascara

Well I'd been trying to find a mascara that a.) doesn't smudge, b.) stays on for a long time, c.) separates, and d.) gives me super-long lashes. Up until now, I had been using a variety of mascaras from Dior to Cover Girl, but I wasn't exactly satisfied until I went to the drug store and asked the girl if anything new had come in. She showed me the Lise Watier 24hrs Glam mascara and I decided to take her advice and bring it home.

I cannot being to tell you what this mascara did for my eyelashes. Because of its elastic polymer formula and its Flexi-Queen TM brush, this mascara surrounds each lash with a 3D waterproof film to create a 24-hour glamorous look. This stuff lasts through rain, showers, and tears without a single smudge. Actually, it doesn't even come off with makeup remover. You remove the mascara by wetting your fingertips with warm water and gently pulling off the mascara off your lashes. I know it sounds weird and complicated, but it is the easiest thing in the world. What's best about it, is that you actually see the polymer extensions fall into the sink.

Basically, this is as close as you'll get to lash extensions without actually putting them on. Lise Watier 24hrs Glam mascara adds length, definition and volume to your lashes in one easy application that lasts all day, rain or shine. I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone that's looking to truly elongate their lashes without looking fake.

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15 years ago

I highly recommend this mascara!.I just got it yesterday upon recommendation from the beautician and it works wonders!! I never expected such amazing results, but I got it! I will test out the removal tonight, since I just put it on. This mascara is worth the money – plus the packaging and the tube looks nice. 😉

14 years ago

Another HHUUUGE thumbs up. I have had such a terrible history of raccoon eyes with every other mascara out there (waterproof, normal, you name it), that I actually gave up on mascara for the last four years and only used eyeliner. I decided to give it another try, and tried this on the reccomendation of the cosmetician… i really really though that that I was throwing away money.. but it *worked* !!! I am so happy 🙂 Definitely a great investment, I totally recommend it.

14 years ago

please don’t buy this, it’s not cruelty-free…

12 years ago

i cant find it anywhere. 🙁 can you tell me where to find it?