3 Steps To Getting Rid of Ingrown Hairs Fast

By Aniela / September 19, 2018

Ingrown hairs come and go as quickly and as quietly as pimples, and they make our lives miserable! These 3 steps to getting rid of ingrown hairs will ensure quick and permanent results! They're actually mostly caused by the fact that we get rid of hair to begin with! We, as humans, are not meant to get rid of hair – it's there for an evolutionary reason, and when we get rid of it, it gets pissed! Once you shave off the hair, the follicle bubbles up with inflammation as a defense mechanism. But even if you DON'T shave, ingrown hairs can still happen due to sweat, friction, or the coarseness of hair.

So how can you prevent these ingrown hairs?

Getting Rid of Ingrown Hairs


#1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating will keep your hair follicles “open” so that the hair has a clear path to grow. Regular exfoliation can make a BIG difference for ingrown hairs, and so we recommend exfoliating at least once a week to prevent ingrown hairs. Check out this DIY citrus salt scrub that will slough off dead skin cells and hydrate all in one!

#2. Treat

If you already have an ingrown hair, don't exfoliate it or rub it hard – you'll only make it worse! What you actually want to do is treat it nice and gently. So get in the shower, and very gently massage the ingrown hair with warm water and a soft scrub. Pat dry, and apply a salicylic acid spot treatment onto the ingrown hair. Salicylic acid dissolves excess skin cells and doesn't irritate. Apply the spot treatment for 3-5 days or until it's gone.

#3. Soothe

After the salicylic acid has dried, dab on a little cortisone cream to reduce inflammation and soothe any razor burn. Cortisone cream shrinks down the swollen skin by constricting blood vessels. Apply a thin layer once a day until it heals!

Although this is no overnight fix, it is the best and safest way to getting rid of ingrown hairs fast, and once treated, you'll be left with smooth skin!

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Getting Rid of Ingrown Hairs

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