Tweezing Eyebrows

By Aniela / March 10, 2007

While no one likes the task and shaping and tweezing their eyebrows, we still have to do it once in a while. Be careful when you pluck your brows because careless tugging may cause infections. Cleanse the area before you begin tweezing; warm water will open up your pores and soften your hair. One of the most important things to remember when tweezing your brows is to remove hairs from underneath the brow, as removing them from above can cause the hairs to grow back in the wrong direction.

To find your perfect shape, take a pencil and line it up alongside the nose, standing it straight up. This is where the brow should begin.

Now pivot the pencil across the eye to the middle of the brow. This point should be the highest point of the eyebrow-where your brows should arch.

Pivot the pencil outward to a 45-degree angle from the side of the nose towards the top of the ear. This is where the brow should end.

Don't forget to apply warm water to open up the pores and comb the brows in place.

Slide the tweezers underneath the hair, clasp them at the root and pull the hair out in the same direction as it grows using a quick, sharp movement.

Remove one hair at a time, making the arch the highest point on the face and checking continually on the overall shape of the brow before continuing.

If you like, brush the hairs straight up with a brow brush. Using a pair of small scissors, trim any hairs that stray above the upper line of the brow. eyebrows

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17 years ago

Have you ever tried using the technique that uses string? I forget what its called but I remember hearding/seeing about it and that some people prefer it to the tweezing.

I guess they somehow twirl the string around the hair and pull it out. Supposed to be less painful or quicker? I don’t know 🙂

17 years ago

I remember my aunts using the string method when I was a kid but have never really heard of it elsewhere – I thought I they were the only ones to do it!

Meagan Southall
17 years ago

Yes I have heard of the string technique. As a matter of fact I actually just tried it out while in Indiana over the weekend. IT WAS AMAZING! I think every one should try it, it’ll blow you away.

Denise McClain
16 years ago

The string technique is AWESOME! You really do feel less pain, and it is quite fast. Plus, its beautiful to watch! It almost looks like a dance. I get my brows shaped that way on a regular basis.