Style Tips From Rachel Bilson

By Aniela / May 14, 2009

Rachel Bilson is one of the biggest fashionistas in Hollywood and we can't help but try to copy her look every time we see a new picture of her. This time, Rachel walked the streets dressed in an ensemble that must of us wouldn't be able to pull off so easily simply because of the bright hues and neutrals that she mixed.

Style Tips From Rachel Bilson

rachel bilson

Seen here, Rachel is rocking a super cute red miniskirt paired with a neutral jacket, a leather bag and some leather boots. The look is perfect because it's not bland but it's not over the top either. The red skirt works absolutely amazing with the neutral palettes and you can pull this look off too!

Pick a cute colorful miniskirt (doesn't necessarily have to be red like Rachel's, any color will do!). Throw on a neutral fitted jacket over a white or black tee, and pair with leather boots and a leather bag.

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14 years ago

OMG i found a jacket that was like that on clearance for
15.99 but i had spent to much on a cut pink top and bag to go with it so 🙁 next time huh