Top 10 Fashion Designers

By Aniela / September 28, 2009

Fashion styles come and go, but a good designer is forever even after death as their signature styles live on. Everything we wear has been designed specifically for us and has come from some of the most brilliant designers in the world. France, Italy, the United States, and many more have blessed us with some incredibly talented fashion designers and we would like to thank them for making fashion what it is today. So here are our top 10 favorite fashion designers of this year!

Top 10 Fashion Designers

#1. Dolce & Gabbana


Modern, eclectic and contemporary, Dolce & Gabbana is the ultimate fashion house and they never seem to miss a beat. Here's our favorite 2009/2010 D&G design.

#2. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

This year, Marc Jacobs showcased the 80s when he introduced neon-hued, big shouldered styles which we fell in love with. Sure, not everyone can pull it off, but it's still fun to look at!

#3. Alexander McQueen

alexander mcqueen

Alexander McQueen is everyone's favorite ‘enfant terrible' in the fashion industry, but whenever we see a show of his, we're pretty much left speechless.

#4. Givenchy


There is nothing classier than the Givenchy line and this year it showed with tons of thirties' and forties' styles with a modern twist. Just breathtaking!

#5. Prada


Can you say fashion reinvented? This year, the Prada fashion house stayed away from the 80s and swayed towards upholstery fabrics and forties styles.

#6. Belanciaga


It seems a lot of designers are going in the forties direction and Belanciaga is one of them. We just love their drapey styles!

#7. Gucci


Gucci's been inspired by the glam rock style this year and we fell in love with it. Lots of thigh-high boots, leggings, leather jackets, the works!

#8. Chanel


Chanel's been one of my favorite fashion houses for a long time and this year they went for a contemporary, toned-down look that might leave you feeling a little depressed, but very fashionable.

#9. Christian Dior


Dior is one of the most sought-after designers and this year, Galliano outdid himself when he went back to behind-the-scenes documentary photographs taken more than half a century ago as Monsieur Dior dressed his cabine of mannequins for shows.

#10. Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

Gaultier ran off with an 80s idea turned into geometric-deco meets sci-fi which we know the celebs are just going to go crazy for. As are we!

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