16 Long Layered Styles for the Summer

By Aniela / June 5, 2017

If you're blessed enough to have long, luscious locks, then you've gotta check out these 16 long layered styles that are perfect for the summer! Long, straight cut locks can look pretty blah, but with just a few snips (from your stylist, not yourself!), you can totally transform your hair form blah to blazing in a minute! Long layers look fabulous on any face shape, plus they add a ton of volume to thin locks. Even if you already have thick hair, layers are still so much more stylish than just a straight cut. Let's check out the top 16 long layered styles for the summer and see which one's your fave!

16 Long Layered Styles

#1. Long tousled layers

long tousled layers

#2. U shaped cut with classic layers

u shaped cut with classic layers

#3. Tousled Wave Layers

tousled waves layers

#4. Edgy V Line Layers

edgy v line layers

#5. Long layers

long layers

#6. Voluminous layers with side swept bangs

voluminous layers with side swept bangs

#7. Deep part with classic flipped layers

deep part with classic flipped layers

#8. Long wavy layers

long wavy layers

#9. Half up braids with layers

half up braids with layers

#10. Layered with side bangs

layered with side bangs

#11. Multi layers

multi layers

#12. Wavy ombre layers

ombre long layers

#13. Platinum Blonde Layers

platinum blonde layers

#14. Bottom Layers

bottom layers

#15. Face framing layers

face framing layers

#16. Straight layers

straight layers

Images Via: Glaminati and Therighthairstyles

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